Train For The Brain

Fun Run for Brain Tumour Awareness – 6th November 2010

Train for the Brain Fun Run was held on  the 6th of November 2010 at Lake Burley-Griffin, Canberra.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness in the Canberra community about brain tumours and secondly to raise much needed funds for research into finding a cure for brain tumours.

The event was an enormous success. Our initial goal was to raise $50,000, our result was over $80,000 for Dr Charlie Teo's charity Cure for Life Foundation.

There is no known cause of brain tumours, and to date no known cure - but with the funds raised through Train for the Brain Fun Run there is hope that a cure will be found sooner rather than later.

Thank you to all who participated in the event. It was such a success and the response from the Canberra community was so positive that it will become an annual event.




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